Reclaim The Exciting Energy of Your Youth

Remember your youthful mental and physical state? No crippling conditions, no body pain and no medication? Now you can be that person again, no matter what your age is. Let me help you.

I'm A Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.

Hello! I'm Hanaa, and I will help you reverse your long-term crippling disorders, by identifying and treating their root causes - all naturally of course - thanks to Functional Medicine.

My Story

What is Functional Medicine ?

Just like the gardener treats a tree root to rejuvenate its leaves, Functional Medicine, as an evolutionary branch of conventional medicine, seeks to identify then treat the deeper roots of your disorders, by approaching your body as a whole.
We set off together on a therapeutic journey, where the destination is complete rejuvenation.

This is How I Will Help You

Cutting-edge Health Coaching Methods

Food Choice Education
I’ll give you general food and exercise guidelines to help improve your health.
Laboratory Test Insights
Based on your personal needs and budget, I may recommend some custom lab work to be done (the results of which I will interpret for you).  These tests have the benefit of providing us with insight as to where we need to focus our efforts. This can be done independent of the program.
Individual Laboratory Test Recommendations.
Individual, tailor made sessions are offered dedicated to giving insight into ways to improve your health, based on the results of laboratory tests.
Detox Programs
A precise program, including dietary supplements, to detoxify your body from the possibly harmful toxic burden which may be contributing to your condition.
Dietary Supplements
Education as to what type of supplements to use and for how long, depending on your personal needs and health goals. This can also take the form of a single session.

What Can you Expect?

Permanent, Life-Changing Benefits

Higher Energy Levels
Stronger Immune System
More Peaceful and Beneficial Sleep
The Possibility of No More Lifetime Prescriptions
Increased Libido and overall better hormonal balance

Who Uses My Services ?

People Who Want to Enjoy a Healthier Life!

“My 6 month Program had a huge positive impact on my daily life, my overall health, my work balance and the way I manage my time, I now see things differently.”
Sarah Smith
“I consulted with Hanaa for my 15 year-old son, who was struggling witha severe chronic allergy. After only 4 months on the program, the symptomscompletely disappeared. He’s so happy and liberated.”
Craig Sams
“I used to vomit almost every day. After a few sessions, it stopped. Nomore bloating, heartburn, or bowel problems. My lifestyle has massivelyimproved!”
Simon Lee

Making the Right Choice ?

Success is Our Aim

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But What Conditions Can Be Helped?

Most Chronic Conditions can be Reversed


Hormonal Imbalances

Premature Ageing

Compromised Immune System

Digestive Disorders

Auto-Immune diseases

How Does It Work ?

4 Simple Steps to Quickly Regain Your Health

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Initial Contact

Our first contact is made via our website.


20 min Telephone Conversation

You get a 20 min free phone conversation where we actively listen to and discuss your needs and challenges.
You book your health history session, and complete the health history form which we will be sent to you when you book this. You then return it, with a  scanned copy of your last two years lab work (if any).


90 min Health History Session

An in-depth analysis will be carried out of your health history and we will be able to locate the interconnectedness between your health issues throughout your life. We craft together a custom plan to start your journey to health. Pertinent lab work is recommended as necessary and a minimum amount of targeted rapid relief supplements if needed so that you can start to feel better sooner and have more energy.


The Launch of Your Program

Start your healing journey with two sessions per month.

Programs & Pricing

4 Programs for a Balanced, Stress-Free Life

6 Weeks Total Energy Reset
AED 8000
or $2190
1 one on one health consultation (60 minutes)
6 one on one Breathwork sessions for Trauma and Stress Release
Nutritional & Supplements Plan
Shopping List Recommandations
Daily WhatsApp support to answer questions and check-in.
1 Week Health Kick Start
or $250
Detox Nutritional Plan & Guidance
Supplements Plan
Shopping List Recommandations
1 one on one Breathwork session Health Consultation followed by a Stress Release session
30 minute Closing Call for future recommendations and how to make it last
4 Weeks Energy Kick
or $999
4 Guided Breathwork Sessions: let go of emotional blocks that stop you from taking care of your health
1 Extended Initial Consultation (90 minutes)
1 Health Counseling Session (60 minutes)
Personalised Action Plan
Tailored Recommendations to achieve Rapid Relief from acute symptoms
Tailored Dietary Recommendations
3 Months Chronic Relief
or $2695
1 one on one Health Consultation (90 minutes)
9 Breathwork sessions for Trauma Release (60 minutes)
9 Health Counseling sessions (30 minutes)
Nutritional Plan
Supplements Plan & Guidance
Shopping List Recommandations
Daily WhatsApp support to answer questions and check-in.
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